When I talk to the moon

Every month during the new moon I set my goals for the next rotation which averages 27 days. At the beginning of the year I wished to expand my network of artists, curators and collectors. Post Covid, I was craving for live meetings, intense discussions and new friendships but I didn’t know where to start.

In April, I exhibited at Codex, our artist book fair. It felt so good to see new projects and talk to the artists. One of them, Martin Lesinski stopped by my table and we started a great conversation. Before leaving he told me I should meet one of his friends Ann Mitchell who, like me was living in Los Angeles.

Ann has created a virtual gallery which showcase 6 creative voices who express themselves through all kinds of photography base processes. This bi-monthly posting is themed with links directly to each artist. I am honored to be part of the September showcase with Martin and another photographer friend Douglas Stockdale

Now I’ve a brand new family of like-minded artists. Ann has been out of town and I can’t wait to meet her in person. We might even have a few ideas for a collaboration. I’ll keep you posted!