The end result was astonishing

It’s difficult to create magic when the world around us is crumbling. How many times do we have to fight for women’s rights? It’s a balancing act to care for the world without feeling helpless. 

I took a one hour SoulCollage workshop out of curiosity. I flicked through magazines and picked the photos that resonated with me without any limitation or second thought and glued them on a piece of cardboard. You can see in the image above the lady looking down around colorful dots. At the top a snake form or a curved road. The end result was astonishing. It reflected my mood at that moment! 

My creative process comes from an existential issue I have to overcome. The analysis of the problem fuels my research and ultimately it will ignite my imagination … or not. 

Lately I’ve been worried about loosing our democracy, our rights as women. I’ve been feeling powerless watching the war in Ukraine and in other parts of the world. I’m exhausted thinking about the next Covid variant. I was hoping these feelings would find their way into my creative process and help me go through these hard times. Instead they made me numb. 

Looking at the collage I had a pep-talk with myself. It’s time to spring into action both on the world stage and in the studio. Reaching out to others through art or activism (or both) is the best antidote to save our democracy and keep our sanity. 

I’m tempted to do another SoulCollage. I wonder what it will look like now that I’ve recovered my fighting energy?!