Surreal Revelations

Exploring death these past years has been intense. It’s challenged me but also brought profound insights that have shifted how I see things, aligning me more with my values. 

Realizing the importance of accepting uncertainty has broadened my creative practice, now including public art among my goals. I’ve been working on big projects, like installations, creating spaces where people can connect despite the world feeling so divided. 

Model for The Last Breath Installation

It has also made me slow down and appreciate every moment without the need to control or change them. Being more present has led to some surprising situations, like seeing surreal landscapes in the reflection of a solar tube in my kitchen! 

Reflections in the solar tube

I have a new appreciation for a Japanese philosophy called Wabi-Sabi. I’ve found beauty in imperfection, like the way light dances imperfectly in a mirrored tube reflecting on a piece of plexiglass. Capturing it with my iPhone has been a commitment, especially given how the light changes every second during the day. Additionally, I’ve made a conscious decision to minimize my use of Photoshop in post-processing to preserve the flaws of my images. 

Maybe a primitive form of surreal alphabet?

It’s challenging to articulate abstract experiences in words alone. I feel compelled to seek a visual language, one that bridges the gap between what’s seen and what’s felt. Considering my struggles with learning Chinese, I now see the importance of linking visuals with pronunciation. This inspires me to develop a method for visually expressing these moments, using a system as surreal as the dreamscapes I capture. 

Life often brings us unexpected moments of beauty and insight, like when a simple solar tube seems to speak the language of my dreams, opening a new door into uncharted territory. I’ll keep you updated on this journey as ideas evolve and a new artist book takes shape.