Spiritual Encounter

One evening, several months ago, I found myself at the theater for the French Short Film Festival. Ahead of schedule, I took a seat on the low wall awaiting for my friends. Opting to disconnect from my phone, I decided to let my mind wander freely.

My introspection was suddenly punctuated by an elegant lady who gracefully seated herself next to me. I soon found myself sharing details about my life, my artistic pursuits, and my aspirations with her. It was unusual for me, as I typically lean towards introversion. At one point, she casually remarked, “you’ll need a grant writer. Contact me.” Her comment left me intrigued, though in a city as diverse as Los Angeles unique encounters are part of its charm. She introduced herself, Laura Bushnell, but our conversation was cut short as her friend arrived.

Upon returning home, I decided to look up Laura’s name, and I discovered that she was a renowned spiritual coach. It was a profession I had never encountered before. I added her name to my contact book, along with a brief note about how we had met. The following day, I forgot to dig deeper into her background, and she slipped to the back of my mind.

Five months later, I found myself crafting a scale model of my art installation, and gathering elements for an artist’s book. My vision was for people to become immersed in my narrative, with the artist’s book serving as a testament to the ephemeral nature of my work. I realized this ambitious project would require financial support, and suddenly, Laura’s words made perfect sense. I reached out to her and she directed me to a person named Tony. Her prompt response led me to search for more information about her.

The discovery of Laura’s fame and her willingness to assist me left me feeling a mixture of excitement and bewilderment. I made the decision to follow her on Instagram, and to my amazement, among her 50,000 followers, I spotted the name of my hairdresser. Suddenly, I recalled a day when a lady had come to the salon early, patiently waiting while my hair was being styled. It had indeed been Laura.

A few weeks later, Laura reached out to inquire about Tony’s progress in helping me. I couldn’t believe the level of care she was showing. Now, my curiosity was piqued, and I hoped one day I will experience her talents through a tarot reading, possibly uncovering the path my installations were destined to take. It felt as though our serendipitous meeting had been written in the stars.