Maro to the rescue!

I often push my concept in different directions to see if I’m on the right track. If all my efforts lead to the same idea I keep moving forward. For the last two years I’ve pushed my Last Breath project in many directions and it has been a challenging experience.

The frustration, the doubts, were starting to erode my self-confidence. Maybe I don’t have what it takes anymore? Maybe I’ve said what I needed to share with the world? Or maybe it’s the new material I’m using?

That’s when my friend Maro who had been following my descend into hell came to my rescue. Sometimes we need an extra pair of eyes, someone with a different point of view who can see beyond the doubts.

Taking a step back on my own was not enough “the impostor syndrome” had started to blur my vision. This little voice at the back of my head was directing me to problem-solve my project instead of revising the concept.

Maro instinctively found the problem. I was trying to express a vision of death from two different points of view and as such I ended up with two different structures fighting each other.

For now I’ll explore the passing away of a person. The departing from earth. I’ve taken a lot of photos for a montage and I’m thinking of using the polymer clay image transfer technique. I like its translucency and cloth-like quality. My next step is to integrate the visual story on a small sculptural structure. I feel I’m walking on a main path again after wandering on a lonely road for so long. But maybe I needed to make peace with my own death?

I chased the imposter from my mind and I feel a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Finally! The future looks promising again.