The Magic of Creativity

Haiku poem for The Last Breath. Polymer clay image transfer.

As I work on my final prototype, my friends grow anxious. When will it be finished?

It’s a fair question, and I don’t have the answer! At this stage, I question every element of the book. I ponder its material, its relevance to the concept, and if it all comes together harmoniously. Do the elements converse or stand alone? Does the material evoke the desired mood? I won’t rest until I am satisfied, but no one knows when that will be!

It can be frustrating to push ideas and seek unconventional solutions, but it’s during this search that magic happens. My subconscious mind guides me if only I could hear it!

The other day, I had designed a piece that required cutting at a store. I carried my sketch, listening to my favorite music program during the half-hour drive. But when I arrived, the store was closed. I had forgotten to check its hours, and I was frustrated at myself for wasting an hour. However, a few days later, I realized the design wouldn’t work anyway. I was grateful to have saved some money!

My haiku poems are meant to be paired with a picture, with both circular shapes needing to be hinged or linked, perhaps with a handle. I’ve attempted various solutions, but none have met my expectations. Finally, I decided to cut a part of the circle and invented a delightful hinge. The next day, I split it in half, refining the design, and unexpectedly discovered it could serve as handles too!

It feels as though the universe or another part of my brain is guiding me. Out of frustration, solutions emerge that I never knew I could invent. If only I could activate this remarkable thought process at will! My books will be completed in no time, but must it be born from such frustration?

Inspiration works in mysterious ways.