A Journey of Learning and Mentorship

Last month, I had the honor of co-curating a photography show online with Ann Mitchell on her platform, Think about Photography. As someone who had always dreamed of becoming a curator but never had the chance to develop the necessary skills, it was an incredible opportunity to learn from Ann’s years of experience and keen eye for discovering talented artists.

I am thankful that Ann shared her curating process with me and helped me narrow down the theme of the online showcase. Together, we scoured the internet for photographers and mixed media artists who worked with photography and collage, and ended up with six unique portfolios.

These portfolios include Fractured and Found by Jessica Burko, When Memory Turns to Dust by Ricardo Miguel Hern√°ndez, Toxic Tales by Diana Nicholette Jeon, The Porch by Rebecca Sexton Larson, Cyanotypes by Annalise Neil and Comalli by Lou Peralta. I invite you to take a look at their work here.

This was a wonderful collaboration, and I want to express my gratitude to Ann for providing me with this opportunity to learn a new skill set.