For the last 25 years, I have guided audiences within a visual narrative framework, encouraging them to immerse themselves in personal experiences and memories. My autobiographical work revolves around themes of transformation—loss, reinvention, resilience and memories—addressing the universal aspects of our shared humanity. 

I never know what the outcome will be when I start a storytelling project. I research and choose a concept, and then I challenge myself by making cost-effective prototypes. I constantly push my own limits while giving room to chance, serendipity, and I follow this intuitive process until I reach a project that feels resolved. At times, I establish creative partnerships with skilled artisans, experts introducing an additional layer of craftsmanship to the collaborative process.

Photomontages crafted from my own photography materialize on various surfaces, paired with innovative three-dimensional structures to deliver an impactful sensory experience. My photographs and artist books have a visual language of their own that aims to evoke emotions and captivate viewers, fostering a deep connection to the underlying story concept. 

To these intimate readings I started adding installations and storytelling projects based on the same successful techniques to offer a collective experience. Against the backdrop of a divided world, I explore the potential unifying power of sharing existential journeys.

My limited edition artist books and photographs have found a place in more than 40 renowned worldwide private and public collections such as The Getty Research Center, The Centre Pompidou in France, the Rhode Island School of Design, UCLA among others …  Globally acclaimed and recipient of numerous awards, they are also included in the curricula of esteemed art and design universities.
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