How do you make an artist’s book? (Newsletter)

Work in Progress
I’m often asked to explain the concept and fabrication of my artist’s books. So I’ll share with you the making of my next project from trying ideas on paper to the finish book.

The Making of “Rite of Passage”: Life is made of challenges and unexpected new situations to which we have to adapt. Each situation is unique but the way we deal with it follows the 3 stages of the rites of passage:
1- Separation: A departure from a current status
2- Transition: A period between states of mind
3- Rebirth: Adoption of a “new” identity

What better vessels than cocoons to convey a rebirth? Each cocoon will house a visual story according to each transition stage. Photo: Separation (inspiration: cell duplicating), Transition (inspiration: a screw or looking for a right fit), Rebirth (inspiration: the opening of the cocoon like a broken egg).
Each visual story will have its own structure matching the concept of its cocoon. Think of all the solutions that could present themselves! Stay tuned and follow my vision in the next newsletter.

Tempus Fugit
After winning Best Show Award at 23 Sandy Gallery during Wanderlust, an International juried exhibition of book art, Tempus Fugit will be on view at:
– Longitude, Latitude and Elevation – Valley Art Gallery, Forest Grove, Oregon
– International Art of the Book – Monroe County Library – Rochester, NY
For more information: Tempus Fugit (time flies)


Books and New Technologies
I’ve been curious about how books are evolving with new technologies. This article is a good starting point with videos for each example: “Paper or electronic book? This is not a black and white decision. And moving from a printed to electronic book is not the only evolution path. The other one is when you enhance the print book with all the benefits of the ebook”. Read more