The executive chef

During Covid, it became clear I was missing having a lover. So after a conversation with my friend Isabel, I went on a dating site called OkCupid. I don’t mind the person’s race, job, or level of education … I just try to get an idea of what the men are looking for. After 6 months of studying the site, I concluded there are two kinds of men: the ones that need an assistant/nurse or mother for the long term and those who are here for sex, and lots of it in any shape or form. 

Can I find one man in the middle of these two extremes? I try my best to engage in text conversations but to be perfectly honest, I’m awful at it. I never know what to say to a stranger who has been giving me a glimpse into his life. I sound stupid at best, aggressive most of the time. Talk about stress hindering my communication skills !!!

Then, a month ago, a notice came that an Italian executive chef here in LA “liked me.” I can’t remember liking him first but hey, I love good food and I love everything Italian so it made sense. I decided to send him a note. He answered back inviting me to his restaurant for dinner. Wahooo, that is a good start. 

A few weeks ago, two of my creative girlfriends set up a potluck lunch. It was fun to do a show and tell in the garden, now that we are all vaccinated. I was in charge of the salad so I called the Italian chef and asked for a nice salad recipe “per fare bella figura”, which loosely translated means “to make me look good/to make an impression.” It was a great success, so I thought I’d share this very simple, fresh recipe with you.

Beets, arugula and goat cheese

  • After the beets are cooked you’re basically done. Cut them in cubes or slices.
  • Cut the soft (it’s important) goat cheese
  • Put together the arugula, the beets and the cheese. I like assemblage:-)
  • But don’t forget the chef’s touch. Add some chopped walnuts and coarse salt.
  • Mix lemon juice with olive oil and coarse salt for the dressing.

Et voilà!

Have a great summer. I’ll be back in September with some updates ….