We are remarkably and astonishingly productive

Photographs: Overthinking (left) and Eureka! (right)

It is a testament to our ability to tackle non linear, complex tasks as artists. These creative endeavors defy easy categorization, evaluation, and sometimes even verbal expression.

However, numerous artists underestimate their achievements and feel the pressure to do more. There is often an assumption that “true” artists possess a magical and effortless efficiency, constantly producing new works with intense drive. These expectations are unreasonable.

The idea that genuine artists effortlessly create art at every moment of the day is nothing more than a myth. While our creative process can feel magical at times, this misconception stems from society’s tendency to undervalue artists.

The drive behind my artistic practice is not accidental, or supernatural. While I cannot have complete control over it, I can cultivate an environment that nurtures its growth:

– I actively combat Imposter Syndrome and distance myself from self-blame, questions about my character, or “talent”. 

– I recognize that constant work does not align with the natural cycles and rhythms of my creative process. Some projects may take a year, while others may span over a decade.

– I understand the importance of communicating my artistic journey to my family and friends, ensuring I receive the necessary support and understanding. I refer to the few friends who patiently review my progress as my “quality control team”. Their feedback helps me refine my ideas and explore alternative solutions to express my concepts.

– I prioritize engaging in in-depth discussions about my work twice a month. This involves lengthy calls with my friend Laurence in Nanjing, China and participating in artist groups like Ann’s Project Launch on zoom.

– While social media can be a source of inspiration, I acknowledge that it can also lead to confusion rather than clarity. I hope for those rare moments when something clicks and opens a new door to my creativity. However, I sometimes question if the time spent scouring the internet is worth it.

– To maintain focus, I diligently create step-by-step to-do lists and I sketch my ideas for easy visualization. I embrace any tricks or techniques that help me stay concentrated and enthusiastic.

Whatever we try there is always a sense that we’re never quite doing it right, or we could be doing more. One crucial aspect of sustaining our artistic practice is defining our own needs and surrounding ourselves with a supportive group of positive thinkers. They play a vital role in providing encouragement and preserving our sanity! 


PS: I would like to express my gratitude to all my friends and family for their patience and support. I couldn’t do it without you.