It doesn’t hurt anymore


“Is it about a broken heart? The loss of a loved one? A difficult time?
Eventually we move on, learning to fly again”

This project is centered around the concept of resilience. It focuses on the moment we face a misfortune or a setback followed by a healing journey.

I organized the images balancing content with shape, color and see-through options. The first set of images is in black and white to anchor the story. Then it transitions slowly into monochrome pictures to express internal conflicts and confusion. There is a pivotal moment of color images leading to a protagonist sleeping, dreaming, or drowning? The three moons mark the renewal. The last photographs are about healing and a new departure.

The image transfer technique with Polymer clay provides translucency and mystery to the story. The shape of the pages is limitless and can have empty spaces. I used this latest strategy to make the cover.

The book is heavy and behaves like fabric, adding a tactile quality to the flow of the story.

Polymer clay, transparent thread, vinyl cover.
Edition of 30 and 2 AP
Price: $1,100

The Last Breath – artistic model for an Installation

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