It doesn’t hurt anymore

“It doesn’t hurt anymore”: A unique translucent photo book.

Translucency is fascinating. It opens infinite possibilities for play, with its see-through yet opaque quality. Many artist books are made using mica, plexiglass, vellum or other translucent papers. 

While searching for an image transfer process I read about Polymer liquid clay. It was intriguing because I’d been experimenting with Polymer clay for a year but not in liquid form.

A photo was printed on a matte photo paper and liquid clay was brushed on it. Once baked the photo paper was peeled away and surprisingly an image appeared on translucent material. That’s when I decided to use this process for a visual story called “It doesn’t hurt anymore.” 

I organized my images balancing content with shape, colors and see-through options. The shape of the pages is limitless and can have empty spaces. I used this latest strategy to make the cover of the book. The book is heavy and behaves like fabric, adding movement to the flow of the story. 

You have to see it for yourself. My first prototype will be at Codex 2022 next weekend. Stop by table #162. I’ll be there!