Editions of Grandeur at 23 Sandy Gallery (Portland, Oregon)

Join us as we celebrate the grand ambitions of a very talented group of big thinking book artists. This new curated collection currently on view in the gallery, Editions of Grandeur, features artist books that can be considered “grandiose” for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the work is both sculpture and book, like Performing with Many Small Possibilities of Flight on Her Mind. Husband and wife team, John and Robin Gumaelius, worked together to create this whimsical, 19-inch tall conglomeration of ceramic, steel and book. Or, perhaps the piece has required the artist to perform extremely intricate work, such as Adele Crawford’s Connect the Dots, for which she stitched tiny beads onto hand-painted photographs of the Grand Canyon or Helen Hiebert’s String Theory, for which she used string and knots to make drawings between translucent sheets of handmade paper. The artist books included in Editions of Grandeur are grand in scale, concept, detail of design, construction or offer a richness of materials. You’ll find a magnetic playground, a ride on rails, delicate glass, tiny feet, copious gold leaf and much, much more. Editions of Grandeur includes work by Alicia Bailey, Susan Collard, Adele Crawford, Steven Daiber, Elizabeth Claffey, John and Robin Gumaelius, Helen Hiebert, Fritz Liedtke, Julie Shaw Lutts, Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli and Marina Soria. This Curated Collection will be on view in the gallery through May 24, 2014 http://23sandy.com/works/blog-postings/now-showing-in-the-gallery-editions-of-grandeur