Are you talking to me?

The Last Breath is a box that becomes an accordion book

When materials seek to be heard.

In the creative process, materials often speak for themselves. Some might call it serendipity, but to me, it feels like a secret dialogue between my thoughts and the behavior of materials. This conversation unfolded twice during the creation of The Last Breath.

Transparency became a central theme of the book, leading me to use liquid Polymer clay for image transfer. While successfully eliminating bubbles between the plastic layers, a thought struck me: perhaps these bubbles, symbolic of air, should remain. The images and Haiku poems center on loss and grief. Embracing the random trapped bubbles evoked a sensation of weightlessness and frozen movement, adding visual depth to the photomontages of body parts and poems. As a result, each artist book is unique.

Details of the photomontages – The Last Breath

Constructing the sculpture and the box involved combining iridescent mirror Plexiglass (transparency/reflection) with frosted Plexiglass (translucency), raising compatibility concerns. Yet, during prototype assembly, a remarkable synergy unfolded. I was surprised to see a yellow glow emanated from the reflective material behind the translucent wall. It infused the work with a spiritual dimension that resonated with the book’s themes in an unexpected way. I also felt the sculpture was rewarding me for having taken a risk!

Yellow glow from the sculpture through the frosted Plexiglass

In my creative journey, I’ve discovered that true beauty often lies in the imperfect, and the spontaneous moments that arise when we let go of rigid expectations. By embracing the voices of materials and the whispers of serendipity, I’ve found a richer, more authentic path to share the emotions of the concept.